Instant Dungeon in 2Moons

20/07/2010 14:40


As we all know, instance is an indispensable part in 2Moon. So does 2moons dil. Through finishing instances, players could get various equipment, experience and abundant 2moons gold. I think the guide of instant Dungeon must be useful for not only newbie, but also high level players.

Instant dungeons offer individual adventure spaces for you or your party; you may get good rewards from them, such as 2moon dil. Click on the statue at the entrance of instant dungeon. Read the information about the instant dungeon, and then click the link to enter.

Instant Dungeons may require DIL and/or adventure points. Some Instant Dungeons are for individual players while others are for parties only. Instant Dungeons have time limits, after which the dungeon will disappear and anyone in it will be sent back to the original area. Instant Dungeons also have level requirements. You also need to buy 2Moons dil.

Once you enter the Instant Dungeon, you'll see a window that gives you more information about the specific dungeon: Dungeon Title: The name of current dungeon; Objective: The total objective of the instant dungeon; Time Limit: The time limit of the dungeon; Progress: The success/failure state of current missions in the dungeon. The time limit is displayed on the right-side corner while you are in the Instant Dungeon. After completing the objective of the instant dungeon, it will expire after the time limit expires.

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