Integrity - the Root of Life

08/04/2011 12:34


Once had such a story. There is a common merchant, once he found a milk sold already after expiration.

Then came the buyback expired milk, with more than eight months, repurchase milk 50 box, cost more than fifty thousand yuan.

Integrity, is a symbol of power, it shows a person's personality and dignity.

Integrity, a person will become dazzling bright; integrity, a person will become admirable; integrity, will promote trust between people, to make the world a better place; integrity, but also makes giant strides . Without faith will only impassable.

Heart to soul communication, interpersonal communication, will inevitably integrity. Without faith, the heart is false; without integrity, the heart is empty; without integrity; everything will be illusory. Face the real world, the most stress is integrity. Fact of social life is built on the basis of integrity, honesty is not only a person's moral character, but also a collective, ethnic, national survival base.

Whether ordinary people or successful people, lost their faith, people of accomplishment, just an ordinary person; If you have integrity, that is, then ordinary people are valuable.

Honesty is the key to open the mind, reputation is spiritual communication. If there is no honesty, cruel world will become area.

Flowering season, the best stage of life, do not let the cold, cruel master of the flowering season into the rainy season. Life have integrity, social needs integrity of the motherland but also have integrity. Integrity, so that the community development, so the times; but on the contrary, he will make social decline, so that time back. If we speak honestly everywhere, everything about the credibility, then the society will be much the better. The world will be more beautiful.

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