Introduction to My Game Career, Go to Buy DFO Gold

29/04/2011 13:20


First contact with the network in 2004, and students play Age of Empires, Starcraft, Red Alert, hey, time is still small, found a new toy, a direct rejection of the game, and often on Saturday and Sunday and students to secretly playing computer games.

First half of 2005, and friends learned to play the legendary PW, genuine legend do not want to play, due to the RMB, 2005 in the second half, met handsome, is one of the students, and he learned to play with Adventure Island, the Games can not PK, do the task can only upgrade the play equipment every day, and it is time to know that there is a known professional gamer players, specifically a group of people living by the game, sell game accounts, game currency, game equipment, on behalf of the leveling make money like the number of the game there are players to open his own shop.

Second half of 2006 I decided to give up their studies at that time I did Leveling, the wage level when there is 2000, low when there are 1000, and no responsibility for the costs of accommodation and meals, but also stay at work all day long room, in addition to out of the Internet, drinking, smoking, almost no expenses. but in fact most of the staff to do Dailian accumulated to almost no money throughout the year, because the work environment because of it, young people influence each other, spending a lot of money.

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