It Was an Attempt to Change My Fate and Make the berkanix gold as More as Possible

16/05/2011 12:39


North wind whistling Guajin the classroom, blew the final side of me sitting in the classroom, I think the position in the class, feel the feel chilly.

I'm not very prominent in the class, not raise their hands to answer questions often class, the teacher is not my major concern, I have only one friend in the class, she called Li Hongyun, she often went to the classroom after a class to me, but also often enlighten me she said; "your mind is not stupid, but not always hands you a lesson, how you let the teacher concerned about you."

The bell rang, she returned to the seat, with a desire to look at me, this festival is the language teacher's class, questions raised by language teachers particularly, when the teacher raised the first question, she looked back at me, I can not see her eyes, but I do not let her down, slowly raised his hand and wanted to pressing stone weighing a ton, over time, I finally raised his hand, the teacher told me, I answered very well, since I raised my hand slowly up the extraordinary has become the star of the class. Li Hongyun She also happy for me.

North wind whistling blowing, blew into my face, blew my classmates heap, blew me running in the playground, it was a change in the fate of the attempt.

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