Leveling Guide for Newbie in Runes of Magic

18/08/2010 13:36


Leveling is a long time journey for many players, and players could get Runes Of Magic Gold and other rewards by leveling. For newbie, they need some guides of leveling up and making ROM Gold. The following are my general introduction for them.

When players are born in newbie village, they could get a ride to go to howl foothill. There, they will fight against little wolf and bear. In the process, they can get tasks and acquire three life skills including collecting, cutting and mining.

When you reach level 6, player could go to build his own house in Roger town. You will acquire four new skills including cooking, alchemy, manufacturing and smelting. The open of exchanger gives you chances to do free trades.

After level 10, players could change their professions freely. The domestic and deputy profession is the most wonderful point in Runes of Magic. Your power will be increased after you finish the deputy tasks. You could challenge high level mobs or make teams.

You can hunt black pig until level 14 or level 15. After that, you can go to farm to hunt other mobs. There are many kinds of mobs in the farm, including mobs of magic attribute and physical attribute. After you finish that, you could reach level 15.

In this process, you could Buy Runes Of Magic Gold to equip yourself and get better scores. Follow my above tips, you could level up faster.