Love and Bread and DFO Gold

13/04/2011 14:33


Today saw a story about a girl in love with a wish, but the boy in rural areas, is now working in the field, salary is not high, almost to afford even the telephone, the woman's parents strongly opposed to the two of them together, that and the boy with the family to break off relations, and work arrangements to help the girl, the girl finally told a blind date, but the girls think it would be contrary to the feelings of the boy, because she said she loves the boy, and finally she just like the boy secretly contact, afraid to tell the parents.

This is an extraordinary story, do not know why there are so many feelings, perhaps, the man is really not easy now! Bread with love - romantic love, no bread - boring, but there is love out of bread what will happen? I think there is love out of bread sometimes romantic.

My parents also hope that I'll have to marry a rich man, living a happy life, in fact, this can not explain I'm not flies, but poor parental love, they just want to see in their lifetimes We've had a wonderful , being happy, they will meet, and not expect we will become rich, and then brought them wealth, I believe the number of parents under the sun did not think so. We do not say our parents tacky, because they are living a lifetime of people, leading a poor salt knows the precious oil.

So, bread and love, in the end how to choose?

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