Love and Career

08/04/2011 12:34


Love and career should choose which? It is almost difficult thing for everyone! If there is a love have no business, have career he lost a very deep love.

Love and career like fish and bear's paw can not have, either choose love or business will be painful. I thought of Romain Rolland's phrase "as long as the eyes of a pair of faithful cry with me, my life is worth suffering."

Some people say that love is one of the first life, which explains the importance of its existence, however, the cause of preconditions, not the cause of love, love is very difficult to survive to grow up, even if the energy, the process is very rough. Some say: Choose love to give up the cause of the people are fools. Ever since I met her changed my view! As the saying goes: "Successful man there must be a successful woman behind," When you meet people you really love, she'll be your everything, or even change the whole of their own! How much power of love.

I am really confused now, I do not know my choice is right or wrong, the reality is really cruel, love has scarred me, I do not know how long I can keep, a day, a week, or a month, a year, a lifetime, I do not know! One school, one is to work. Can we really walk together? I think we only thirty percent chance of success, but this is my all thirty percent! I really love her, I felt she just did not care about me, I would like to ask her, but there is fear that she said I did not trust her, if the god can see my heart just advice!

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