Love is a Handful of Sand and You Must Have Iro zeny

25/04/2011 12:48


A child is about to get married, coming to her mother asked a small question: "Mom, get married, how should I hold love?"

"Silly child, how did love can hold?" Mother surprised.

"That love, why can’t grasp?" The girl asked, puzzled.

The mother smiled tenderly and then slowly squat down, won a handful of sand from the ground, to the front of his daughter. She discovers that her mother's hands holding sand, menu's, with no loss, with no spills. Then the mother's hands grip force, once the sand spilled from the mother's fingers fall. Open your hands to be the mother, the original handful of sand that has been depleted, the round shape of a round has long been held down is flat, there is no beauty at all.

Mother of girl looking at the hands of the sand, understanding nod.

Love is like sand, like the original, do not bother to take, the more tried to keep hold, but more likely to lose, lose each other should be maintained between the tolerance and understanding, love will thus become a form of no beauty.

Everyone hopes they can always have a happy love, then learned to use a handful of sand to treat their own feelings of love it, cherish it, take advantage!

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