Love Someone, We Should Give Her the Opportunity to Love You, Make More EVE Isk

22/04/2011 13:39


September, I changed a company. Office is great, people are cut off, can not see each other. But the call was able to hear the cubicle adjacent to crystal clear.

Colleague on my left, he called his wife very often, ramble, the last sentence always make demands, to his wife to do this or that. Is simply a spoiled man. Working hours, suddenly remembered what, and immediately gave his wife called in the past. He called the look from the judge, his wife was actually never rejected him, for his onerous requirements, is always pleased to either accept the orders.

One Sunday, I have a sore throat, to the hospital to get some medicine, even accidentally met him and his wife. My doctor was very familiar with the reception of their situation, said that his wife has a terminal illness for two years and found that the time is already late, and only in the second half of the time to live. Fortunately, she was a very strong will to live, even survive for two years, but her body is increasingly seeing the point of death, do not know how long it can endure?

Do you think that only give a person is love? In fact, to obtain a person is love. I said, I will not let her go, she made the Pork, boil the soup I have not eaten enough, drunk enough yet. I started to like before I want her to do this and that, her face rosy, slowly. At that time I came to understand, love a person, not just pay, also need to feel he was needed with the other.

His voice choked up. And I, until that moment, and understand the love of another way. I've learned that if you really love someone, then you must make him feel he was what you needed, and give him a chance to love you.

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