Magic Clothes and Go to Buy war of angels gold

22/04/2011 13:38


Since the destruction of the earth by human, now climate variability. Summer, hot people like ants on a hot pan; the winter, although we wore thick down jacket, like a polar bear, but it felt cold. Not only does not look good, no action will be. Spring fits and starts, to wear clothes very carefully, or would end up cold. I want to invent a magic clothes, it will give your life easy.

I designed the clothes change with the seasons changing, he can either choose your color and style, particularly its five buttons, it has five functions.

Pink spring you just press the button, it will become a skirt or shirt, colorful, girls dressed as fairy, handsome boy dressed in all, cool.

Heat of summer, the sun baked the earth, heat the listless people, then the magic clothes to play a role, click the blue button, clothes immediately emit bursts of cold lump, so that you become dejected jump, lively, energetic full.

Fall, you click the yellow button, there will be new clothing styles, but also exudes a trace of fruit flavor.

In winter, the north wind whistling, people Suzhao Tou, afraid to go out. Do not worry, just press the red button, clothes, thick up immediately, a warm current throughout the body, is in the snow, not cold.

You have to ask me how to do dirty clothes? I tell you! Gently press the purple button, self-cleaning clothes would become clean.

I thought it would be science! Magic clothes can it! Come, let us work together to create a better life!

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