Make Your Own Team in WOW

14/09/2010 15:24


Players usually like to make teams with other friends so that they can get wow gold. Players could take a pet and a partner with them to conduct their risk-taking passage. With their own team, players could gain buy wow gold.

Look at your attack monster information window, when the physical value of the monster is only a little, you could capture it with your capturing skills. Two roles can capture 10 monsters. So it is easier for two roles to make cheap wow gold.

You can collect partners by clearing the specified stone of time and space. Since the group members’ HP reached 0, they would die. And the dead group members will revive around players in 3 minutes. You can also go to your own mini house to revive your teammates. wow money is also a good way to seduce them.

When your group members died, they will be reduced 100 loyalty or goodwill points. And when their Loyalty or goodwill points become 0, it will leave the passage from the group and return to mini houses. Teammates who are over level 20 members will reduce the value of experience. Go into your own mini house to select the desired pets or partner. Click pass on the screen that appears at the top of the window.

Do you think this is interesting and exiting? In fact, teamwork is really important in finishing tasks. So if you know how to make a team, you will be skillful in teamwork and get more cheap wow money.