Mummy comprehensive evaluation of various occupational

22/02/2011 16:53


Mummy of the professional evaluation, to provide reference for your choice of occupation

First, the soldiers

Soldiers attack people feel good at using the skills of close-fatal injury to the enemy, agile agility to avoid attacks of the enemy. The gentleman, the king of style, as commander of armies, talk and laugh between the commanding, powerful army orders.

Second, Knight

Knight, like other novels, as always rushed to the front, and has the highest physical defense, the thick red blood, can be said to die Xiaoqiang, ah, went through countless suffering of their cycle, with tough indelible will. Has a powerful explosive, once close, almost zero chance of escape, into a powerful personality makes Knight's dominant on the ground, is the beauty of the faithful companion. A strong defense force and vitality to Cleveland to become the strongest, the most strong shield to protect the safety of fellow knights became the first mission.

Third, the assassin

Assassin, bones light, graceful, though flexible, but not fragile, as the assassin, who dashing, brave warrior is good at using daggers weapons (a bit like using them inside Naruto Gaara!) Precise skills, graceful appearance, and other races, like the Mummy in the achievements of the classic myth. To bring the assassins to the enemy a devastating blow, with the shortest possible time to kill the enemy assassins creed immutable.

You should take good care of your game account and your boi gold.