My BBC Assassin

09/02/2011 14:30


We all know that the door of the sanctuary is the outrageous price impress, which assassin for the requested equipment is not good news! Now, I talk about my upgrade path for all to share it.

I chose the BBC assassins, like the feeling of crit, plus points and processing skills do not say, a good many of my friends have said, I mostly talk about my leveling locations and routes.

Because there is no Ragnarok zeny, so I have no good equipment, but I'm still 5 days to reach the second turn, some people may not believe that what I have fatigue system, can be I was so out of practice!

Well, start by Xinshoucun, whatever RBI things or a few levels to come out, to the Dream Rock, playing chicken and Soil glass, think it is almost back to playing Popoli and locusts near the capital, midway played a few hours Mocha and Toucan, which has been able to more than 30 levels, now more trouble, go to Payon fight wolves? people too many people get the last fix was also Qiangguai charges I chose to play at this time wild boar, although the trouble, but no one with you rob, and I that good, there is also a good choice to play the earthworm, finally, I turn red when two earthworms when playing the map the success, of course, I was JOB40 turn, there is no need to wait until 50, the shaman may 50 will be simple, we Assassin enough this time.

If you don't have money, you can buy some, there are many people sell ro zeny.