My Experience in Eudemons Online

16/11/2010 15:22


The tutorial for Eudemons online Gold is very simple to understand and not too wordy or not worded in an odd manner. They are simple and to the point instructions that are helpfull to the knowledge of the game. It makes the game play much more easier to understand. It goes through opening doors, to lighting fires, to mineing and fighting. It teaches you all that and more. The down side is that it is a bit long for a tutorial if you don't have much time. Set aside a half an hour to go through the tutorial. You may need more or less time depending on what you are doing at the time and how fast you read and respond to the instructions. But on the up side it is specific and fun to do at the same time.

 It is skill oriented. Everything is about skills. There is two differnt types of attacking like skills and one for defence. The game is not based around beating things up but about improving all the skills a bit at a time. If you get board with chopping trees to up your wood cutting you can then go fishing and up that a bit. As you up your skills more options get opened to you. If you become a member they have 8 more skills added for your use and to enjoy, such as theivery and herblore and hunting.

The world is vast and colourful. And there is a large part that is free and gives enough contest that it is still a worth while play.

 The bad thing is your inventory is small, but you learn quickly what is needed and not to carry around in your backpack. It does show your weight as you carry things but I havn't come accross a max carrying capacity or encombrace thing though.