My First Time to Make Money and Do You Have Enough FW Gold

25/05/2011 13:30


The first time, this is a wonderful feeling, a wonderful memory. Whenever I recall that the first thing to do, my heart there will be a feeling - it is proud, proud.

Since I studied in school computers, I wanted to buy a computer, my mother told me in the summer, their own money to buy their own. Provide her with goods, let me in selling farms, I thought to myself: could it? I? I have another thought: I can, to the computer. I promised his mother.

The first day, my mother goes to buy wholesale goods.

The next day, I feel excited because this day is the first I have to earn the money, the first earned with their own hands, do not know what it would be a feeling?

Soon, I pushed his truck off. Mom called me behind me: "You sell something to cry ah!, Or how people know, ah!" "Ah," I thought to myself: how so. I thought: My God, if everyone staring at me. But if I do not cry, then I would not buy a computer, when I was thinking all the time, while urging the sound of her mother, interrupting me. Anyway, I finally get rid of his own, opening a voice shouted out. The call came my first business, their own money to get his first, when I get the money when I happy laugh. Although the process is difficult, but the result is that you pay the unexpected.

Now, when I again set foot on that road, there will always remember that happened once in all occasionally hear the praise. At the time, also lack money to buy a computer. But I do have a valuable experience, I know the parents hard.

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