My Ideal Life is Very Simple and Humorous and You Should Earn 2moons Dil by Yourself

09/05/2011 14:14


Do not live in a noisy place is not secluded, with its own a small house, the room layout as their favorite style, have a balcony, this can raise some sunshine and flowers, the house does not require much but it must be comfortable , room lighting is better, so do not feel very depressed, outdoor is a good natural scenery, flowers, grass and trees for the birds and blue sky with white clouds.

Work can be a coffee shop or supermarket, a salesperson promoters, then the worker or a bookstore, so I can live not in a hurry, can be arbitrary point, you can live simply, you can not have knowledge of the complexity and high people exchanges.

Leave idle, they can draw some painting at home, sometimes you can go mountain climbing, some exercise, of course, and children together is also very good choice, although sometimes they are a bit noisy, a bit wayward, but together, and children Time is the happiest time from the heart.

Feeling physically and mentally exhausted, they can go home and relatives getting together, if homely, then take the child and the dog went to the countryside stroll the fields to the stream crab and shrimp. And relatively honest love, respect for one another, Juanqimei. They do not always stick together, but it must be regular exchange of feelings. Two people to fully trust, openness relative, not suspicion do not care about. Because each person into the group when he was a single individual, the appropriate space to each other easily. The atmosphere between the two men to understand, humorous, warm, calm, simple, happy.

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