My Ro career

10/12/2010 12:20


At first, as a novice, everything is so strange. But I was attacted by the beautiful pictures. Then I took the dagger to started my ro career.Because it is just to play, do not know what strange fight can go fast, so with my classmates, a vit soldiers began with exploration of the entire map. In addition to the ancient city and the tower was not sure how to, all the maps have left our footprints. I really was happy. That time seems to have no trouble in kill the monsters.

Remember one time, I was probably more than 30 levels, and two serving, 3 master, a warrior to fight with the warriors. We meet the hero orc. At that time we just do not know that it is the famous Mr.Hero, then surrounded them. Fate can imagine, we are lying on the ground for a moment. We finally reached a conclusion, we are not his opponent. Then we discuss, after a certain high level, we will go back to look for him. We can with the help of the ro zeny to upgrade our level.

Hunter turned the two is the darkest moment. So I started to play centipede, aware of the experience of death out faster than long after, I decided to return to the worm area. While there, slowly, but at least the experience is still positive growth.

At that time I was very happly when paly the 2 moons, I was extremely fondly remember that section of days.