My views on the new leveling

10/03/2011 09:02


I think it is best not to start new beginner's task, thus reducing the cost of the card would have little

Came out to only 30 points so not much point. I think that even if this task has not done anything

The first is the use of full-time JOB and not level.

To look after their origin in Wonderland is not a good point if not many people in the city, ready to delete the person re-play

This way than to befriend. If you are born in the capital. Points. Flying to be there shouting numerous "well-intentioned brother who

Thank you, sister band "so there will be no 10 minutes of high-level take you, if not find someone on their own band.

If you are a first time to play Do not say you are a first time to play it will. . You can follow to bring your people

He said what you doing?

If the BL island in less than 10 minutes to a turn OK. Since full-time practice after (the rich) to buy into the thick edge of the sword +10 scouring the best. Full-time and continue to find someone with a (poor) can look for a high-level equipment to the point of what the sore or directly with you. If you want to have good equipment you should need ro zeny.

20 to 30 to take the best attributes of the sword to the sea wind that can enhance the efficiency of training

30 to 40 flying to the right of the right to practice in this way can speed reaches 50 to

After 50 to full-time, and turn a good play on their own.