Novice two big erroneous zones in DFO

15/12/2010 09:47


Misunderstanding 1: CD refers to the crystal block. Now go to PK, often ran into this situation: you put a crystal block with the skills, people say your CD flow, in fact, CD is the abbreviation of cooldown (cool down), who is the CD before we say this is the case flow , full screen does not run around with technology, it just kept other large strokes CD, ACT1-inch block of boxing not crystal, but in addition to inch punch was not that what we say he is the CD flow. If the block is the CD with a grain flow that Qigong and Devil May Cry also live not live! People do not understand anything said to play CD's, the basic is to find an excuse for their own, recently with the Valkyrie and human PK, a Dalian down at the end of one-inch punch connected directly to a paladin died, he said my CD, How do Fukatsu a CD flow, called the court death Fukatsu flow!

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Misunderstanding 2: Valkyrie strong kick Charge higher the longer the attack. Low around now to see my students often ask me after the brush map video play Why do not Charge strong Fukatsu, and often said that strong play Valkyrie Charge higher the longer the attack, the player that I have revised the baby made the video, the valkyrie strong Total level of play has nothing to do with the Charge duration, as previously Fukatsu plus strong kick attacks on two conditions.