On A Variety of Distribution Points and The Role of High Priest

23/03/2011 14:36


Before this game, you should have money, there are many people sell Ragnarok Online zeny everywhere..

Now the High Priest in the RO in the ease and become a role, both in PVP, or GVG, or PKBOSS a role when they show.

Then several of the now popular with the next point:

ID-type, of course, singing is the pursuit of high efficiency as the goal, if the exorcism, the leveling of the efficiency can be described as absolutely efficient, PK BX can be with its highly effective and dark B to make their own place, but the weakness is too low to V led to rely on equipment to upgrade their defense, or extremely dangerous, is especially highlighted in the GVG, but its efficiency has been questioned is not.

IV, 10, after meditation, HP has reached alarming 1w2, so renowned for both HP marvel knights known in the PK with GVG, the act as a bodyguard, but Cuocuo more than WS, but compared with the ID of its VIT DEX is naturally high price weakness.

IVD type, with the former the contrary, this type of DEX <VIT, VIT + meditation at 10, its HP is not inferior to other roles may be that only in the case of low DEX, singing became a sort of a small problem Of course, under the cover of the HP, which itself can serve as an advantage, but advantage is sometimes not obvious fills, the overall feeling of good, suitable for the type of praise

SVD-based, violence upgraded version of M.

In the every game, if you want to level up quickly or buy good weapons, you must need the Ro Zeny.