Once More Efforts, You Will be Successful and Go to Buy dekaron Dil

27/04/2011 13:49


One pair of workers from the countryside to the city's sisters, twists and turns was only a gift to hire for the salesman. They do not have regular customers, and do not have any relationship, along the city's streets every day to find a buyer. More than five months later, still frustrated at every turn, not even a key chain to sell out.

Disappointed many times worn the patience of the last of my sister, her sister made to the resignation of two people together, re-find a way out. Sister said, is the first step, to insist on a while, maybe next time there is harvest. Despite the retention of sister sister, decided to leave that company.

Six years have passed, my sister not only has the car, also has more than one hundred square meters of housing and their own gift company. The sister has a revolving door wildly for the job, and even dress her sister have to rely on food assistance.

Ask my sister to sister, the true meaning of success. Sister said: "In fact, the whole secret of my success is that I'm more an effort than you."

Only a difference of an effort to, ah, had a considerable opportunity for the same talent sisters, since embarked on a very different way of life.

Not just the older sister, how many brilliant performance of the celebrities, the initial success also stems from "more than an effort."

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