Only One Earth

31/03/2011 14:03


"Hey, this is where?How do I come here." "This is really desolate!" I thought. I looked around, all pieces of bare land, the yellow, the same circumference without 100plants, let alone animals. I walked for a long time, finally found a hut, the hut that was built entirely of straw, which is very rudimentary. I thought there lived in is a simple farmer. Who knows, when I was ready to house the people in the movement of elements of water to drink, the hut was out a well-dressed uncle. He did not see me. At this time, a ragged young people to the uncle, said: "Sir, my mother was dying, can I borrow some money?"

The young man say it finished, the rich uncle did not hesitate to lend money to him. I suddenly wonder, a man so wealthy actually live in this old house. "kid, find me something?come in and sit down!" I walked for a long time, but also exhausted, so I agreed to his request. "Uncle, you are so rich, how to live in this house?" I asked curiously.

"Kid, you haven’t to know, and now the Earth is too serious due to contamination of plants, animals become extremely rare, I have the house, all the earth is only two, one in my this, and the other two months ago when the earthquake subbued. This house is all made with precious straw, at least it was worth 50 billion dollars!

"People come and see!” Many people gathered outside.Hear shouting, we also follow ran out to see. “Oh, just a little sparrow, need so fussbudget!” I thought. One of older man said: "This is a sparrow, 56 years ago, this is a bird can be seen everywhere, but now ... ...

There is only one Earth. We only take good care of the plants and trees on Earth, mountain stone, to ensure the continuation of life.

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