Operating Their Own Three-day in the Life, And Go to Buy Some Ragnarok Online Zeny

04/05/2011 14:28


Life in the end how many days? Different people have different answers, but I am the person of life, without exception, only three days: yesterday, today and tomorrow. Good business these days, for the operation of good life.

Yesterday, the day is long, can not tell how many days, but no matter how many days, but also whether it is a setback, or to obtain glory, are organized to represent the past, can not represent the future. Therefore, we do not have the frustration and malaise yesterday, there is no need for yesterday's brilliant and arrogant. Only frustration and glory are past, as today's stepping stone to climb better tomorrow.

Today is yesterday and tomorrow at the relay, the baton to pay well, will go glorious future; Relay problem, it will come to naught. So, faced with today, we do not always remember the past, the past is gone, only from scratch, down to earth, threw himself a good business today, will bear fruit. Today, things must be done today, must not be pushed to tomorrow. If you always hope for tomorrow with today, tomorrow is so great that tomorrow's tomorrow is the end of life, the result is not only a good business today, not tomorrow, but also quietly slipped away.

Much longer day tomorrow? Is in dispute. Tomorrow is the glory, or defeat? Road who also unknown. Tomorrow shows us both the opportunity, the ED issued a challenge we. Tomorrow's Hope is a good, but not smooth the road, everywhere covered with thorns. In any case, one thing is certain, that is, Elixir of Love tomorrow who will only accept the endless struggle.

Therefore, we only have good experiences and lessons learned yesterday, a new leap in use today do a good job of preparation, high morale ground to challenge tomorrow, can we draw on the life of a successful close.

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