Outside the Window, that Piece of Smiling Face and Go to Buy Some lostsaga gold for Your Level up

20/05/2011 13:59


Whenever I sat at the window look outside, can always see a familiar figure, too busy, trying to squeeze, whether or not the idle to smoke, was that he ZhangYongYuan hanging smiling face.

His home near our school a deng room. He picked on at school we discarded plastic bottles, waste paper regiment to make a living, a broken-down clothes, seems to have never washed. The average person see he will feel strange, such a difficult life, so hard work. How did he or the jolly, all day? Can I watch from his smile, he was very happy to come. Because I am in the conversation with him that he and every sunrise, stopped work at sunset. Can enjoy the fruits of their Labour, support myself, and he is very happy. Here's every plastic bottles, waste paper regiment for him for tomorrow and efforts are the savings. He depend on their hands to earn money for dinner, so he does not have much trouble, just happy lives every day, enjoy good every day is enough.

When asked why he didn't go to an old, an old lady, he answer let I sincerely admire him. He said his strength, and he will have developed a force for the society, and these things are still can recycle, threw for not only waste, still not environmental protection.

I know my eyes the was not only a gleans, he was still a environmentalists, a socially output devotees. In the evening, he pushed the car smile to the wheel, the beautiful sunset. Hope his more beautiful tomorrow.

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