Please Do Not Ignore The Existence of A Blunt Object

23/03/2011 14:35


I also began to play from the lightsaber, but the lightsaber play a long time, wanted to try out other weapons, eventually attracted blunt.

Brush Chart article: Many people may say, blunt, no sword attack high speed without lightsaber fast, but I want to say, because the mean blunt object, so has its characteristics, the majority of the civilian players, 50 basically can not afford it pink sword and saber, but it can certainly afford to buy 50 powder blunt object, this way, the attack on the very high.

You play lightsaber, to be honest, if civilians mounted, injuries do not really ideal, if you play the Sword, Sword is to support a very high attack speed, attack speed is not good jewelry, brush speed will make you figure it very unhappy, and also strange is gone.

I personally experienced, and blunt the effect of control field seismic good, feeling cool, 50 powder is a highly cost-effective blunt weapon, ideal for public use, a full level of breaking the military, one can learn to push without a head, of course, if you are middle class, a set of ancient, then it would be more ideal.

Sometimes you pick on, when you are ready to cut after the jump when the opponents got up quickly and then opponents will generally set you use floating skills, if you are not with a blunt object, then you will float, the match was cut after the jump you quickly lay the ground.

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