Points and the individual with the role of assassin

05/01/2011 10:30


First of all about my quality points: S99 D71 V58 A30 addition and equipment, excluding any.

Then under the distribution point that the role of: STR is of the most important sonic CK a property, and with the advent of revised 10.3 psychics and professional food and the introduction of even more so I think the S99 is a trend is said to psychicSoul Assassin skill in the speed of sound power can be increased 100% believe in a career in the future will become the mainstream of PVP in the profession, but often their HP is also very fragile.

Followed by DEX, some may think D71 some low.But do not forget the 10.3 will throw a sonic speed HIT +50, power increased by 10% the speed of sound is not evidence of total or 800% damage +10% attack power of 10%, if the latter are somewhat regret it.Then is stable hurt.If the D71, then addition and TC can count to 90. buy ro zeny is somehow a good way to get better joys.

Finally, AGI, 30 points in the 99 A state flee190 about wearing BU = 210. On with the leveling of great help to first declare that I am not a wealthy, not some number pulled practice.Therefore, the purpose of adding the one hand, A is to increase the efficiency of their own hook, the other is to increase awareness of the Aspd to go to eat with the accelerated speed of 170 groups of steps can also be the last, usually dark B to pay to the magic of the Department of Occupationaldepends on it.