Praise, Let Life Changes and Get eve isk Through Different Ways

09/05/2011 14:15


Remember when we had heard a story, a positive youth literature is full of interest, so he will feel full of satisfied expectations time and time again the works of contributors to the various newspapers, while waiting for his results but no Case is heard from the field. This never heard from him down, let him depressed. Insist on his own into question. When he wants to give up the dream of writing, when they unexpectedly received a letter from an editor: "Young man, your article has a different new ideas of others into one, this is our work style of the long-awaited . adhere to the write down, I believe you will succeed! "

This is the beginning of his writing career, the first time that praise.

How wonderful! After receiving a letter, his mood very excited, blood and boiling up. Suddenly, the long-lost self-confidence back, the courage to go back, realize the dream of determination became more entrenched. Unremitting efforts, making the young generation has finally become a writer. A sincere compliment, quietly changed his life, the power of magic, can not help but wonder.

Hard-working employees to be led by praise, enthusiasm for the work will be more high, will greatly improve work efficiency, and praise is a virtue, is a blessing to be praised. As praise, people recognize the value of their own, as if a beacon in the night, to the people who lost direction.

Learn a compliment! Friends, let your life change for praise.

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