Quick Leveling Guide for Players in 2Moons

26/10/2010 13:28


Leveling is a forever topic in games. If you can upgrade your level, you can get more cheap 2Moons dil, new skills and powerful equipment. Here, I will give newbie a general guide of quick leveling from level one to level 35. I think it is quite useful for newbie to upgrade.

It is easy to upgrade from level one to level ten. I just want to remind players that they’d better sell equipment they don’t need. If they think some equipment are useful, they can keep them. When they go out of chaos castle, press key M so that they can open the bid map. Try to find your skill teacher and equipment trader’s position in early period. Do not add too many points to level one skill. You’d better add points slowly.

When you reach level ten, you can put on your first suit and kill monsters until Red Leave Valley. Run to find the village head left behind Valley. Set your revive place and buy medicine there. When you reach level 20, let mobs kill you so that you can revive at Valley. Then go to chaos castle to learn skills with your teacher. Change your weapons and equipment and continue study skill and get the second suit. Go to Red Leave Valley and to Storm Plain. Kill monsters and upgrade your levels.

When you reach level 30, you need to go to the east gate of chaos castle to find NPC and exchange your chaos for death ticket. When you arrive at Elfin Prairie, find other players to make a team and go into death mode to PK. It is easy for you to arrive level 35. That’s it.