Select vs Abandon

31/03/2011 14:04


May be due to divide into classes.Chinese teacher spend a lesson told us a lot. Although my mouth didn’t want to say what, didn’t want to admit what. But I have to admit, I have been deeply touched by the words of the teacher, shocked. My heart is like suddenly awakened. Use an example to tell us something we don’t understand the truth.

"If your relatives fell into the river, who you will save first?" "A. father B. husband C.son D. other."

I did not expect that the teacher will give us such a problem, it makes me fall into deep thinking:

If the chosen father, that I would lose my husband and children and sad. Father will think that they harm their own feel sad. Father did not want to hurt me and let me choose my husband. If I really chose the words of my husband, the father will understand, because he wanted me to be happy. But the son will think I am a bad mother, so they will understand my son's election. For the husband and father like him, wanted him to alive.

Some people say that what is not chosen again, as are the loved ones who do not want them to do the pain of lost loved ones. Although the reason for this good, but I can say is very emotional, but very sensible.

I fear that the teacher will call on me, because I do not know in the end should choose? Perhaps teachers make time for me to consider it did not call me! After this lesson I seem less and less hostile to teachers! May be a positive confirmation the knowledge of the selection and give the reasons for it!

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