Share big guns experience in PK

26/01/2011 16:27


Big guns in this profession, we may play with a lot of people.

Now for my big gun off his PK skills it:

First, the level to reach a certain height, otherwise, can not play some much higher than they would be a disadvantage. I'm talking about the big guns after 55 PK plus point game, but also the actual flow of big guns, not really practical to require the big guns winning fellow, you can see, playing the gorgeous, you can PASS. To play the big guns, we must first understand the big guns this career, career gap, in the end to know what way is the occupational. First, the big gun is a long-range career, so we have to pursue long-range shooting, post moves, floating gun The most important: the skills of a large gun injuries must be high, there must be instantaneous grasp of injury. Basic skills, is also important, such as some tips and the like, should train, the main knee collision, the use of the good, the body can be tyrants, the top lot of things. There is road closures, big gun is a long-range career, so the closure is very important, the stress awareness, more training is very important, of course a lot of people prefer buy Dungeon Fighter gold, it depends.