Share some assassin PK skills

09/02/2011 14:28


Robes are now open. Re-opening of ammunition have been studied specifically on the assassin.

Found that many students blindly just waiting to hands of the arc flash CD. Ray led by three killed.

Smarter, and will use blade storm. But is also very poor with the intention seems quite obvious

Usually deliberately catch you, and then use blade storm.

Preparing to release the time, people are gone. Tend to drop an empty, big flaw

Bladestorm reference to the use of the above posts. Is not to say

In addition to arc flash, air XX Assassin is quite insignificant. Generally take the swords of the hit, then immediately after landing video hit.

Stiff is not very high, you can even take a photo to open the passage. With a dagger, then catch up with a hard attack speed is fast enough straight

Now we say that a career as a professional

Can immediately hit by Cheung body fight the tyrants. If the ice does mine. Run, jump air

Roaming can be said that the bane of the assassin.

Revenge of people extremely eggs back pain. Case of roaming could not be rushed, but the faster pace of play

First with the general arc flash, the other will usually fight back with a vengeance the top of you, so to make good use after the jump. Note: not revenge, galloped back to run the range.

Revenge CD lured back to speed up the pace after the fight for until the next CD, he can not even slightly.

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