Some common sense on the mechanical knowledge of women

10/03/2011 09:01


The same attack, release time constant, the duration of the same, to extend the time constant, the same blast radius, cooling time 1 second longer

Cooling time constant, an additional chance to change settings, cancel the decision of revenge

This skill is called before the machinery of revenge, in the absence of this setting is almost added a very sick skills. Each time, the name of the name of the robot out, then move off, and then began to enter into an endless guerrilla war.

Indicators unchanged, differences in attack

If the man is a cutting edge helicopters dropped bombs when Gatlin would fire; that woman is the Kirov airship, as opposed to machine guns,'d prefer to speak directly with a bomb. Although the length of time the cooling machine guns, but emits more than the effect of bombs can not be ignored. If the man is inclined to point to combat, woman is the scope of the bombing, no matter where you are always a bomb down and blow your time, x's!

Cooling time is reduced, time went stiff, modified extension of time by 8 seconds to play to increase even launched, modified to reduce the cooling time of 2 seconds, the explosion rate of increase

Woman more likely to unmanned aerial vehicles, extension of time has been set to allow UAVs to fly out. While the G1's combat capability is limited, but these differences were enough to distinguish between their respective areas of specialization where.

As you known, all the game need money, pls prepare some DFO Gold for this game.