Some small experience

22/02/2011 16:53


Forsaken World Gold which I used in the game when I fight with other players is so valuable, and we can make great efforts. I think you must have interesting in some small experiences, and we can support it. Wear and equipment related to leapfrog to take arms, veteran all understand that new, but do not understand. I also speak briefly: Armor are shoes, clothes, trousers, gloves and head shields were able to advance the five levels to spend, and that twenty armor twenty will be able to use, and weapons can only be ahead of schedule four, twenty five in order to get the sword to be twenty one, would also like to note that a set of armor is not the same level, the head and the highest shoes, clothes, pants with low-level, gloves, low-level, weapons, shields and then a low one. Say, a loaded set of Ranger, the first time to take on the twenty as a shield twenty five, then twenty one get twenty five on the sword and gloves twenty six, followed by twenty two dress pants twenty seven, the last twenty three to wear head and shoe twenty eight. Did not remember correctly, all occupations of the requirements are the same.

Some people say that people are very troublesome secret, in fact, you close off the system and the secret of your people will be kept for as long as you have an exclamation point in the dialog box, enter the English came out like their choice.

I think you will have enough experiences to pass through some key door as a new player, and also you can make friends with them when you feel fine.