Something about Merging Pets in Runes of Magic

03/08/2010 10:49


Pets always serve as good partners of players, no matter in game playing or in PVP. They can help you make Runes Of Magic Gold and accompany you in your game. When you Buy Runes Of Magic Gold to get a pet in Runes of Magic, have you thought of making it stronger than other pets? If you do, you should read the following.

Pets cannot be currently summoned to have them merged. Recall all pets in order to begin the merging process. Pets can only be merged with another pet of the same element or a none-type. So if you have a Dark pet, you can only merge it with another Dark pet or a None pet. A None pet can only be merged with another None type pet.

Pets can only be merged with a pet of its same level or lower. Meaning, the re-agent pet must be equal or less than the level of the agent pet. When you are ready to merge, press the button in the middle to merge the pets. The button named 'Pair Merging' involves the use of a Cash Shop item that we do not have yet. A pet can only be merged 3 other pets a day!!

Merged Pets are stronger than other common pets so that their owners could make more ROM Gold and enjoy their games with their pets!