Suggestions for Hunter in PVP in WOW

20/07/2010 14:40


If you are a hunter in WOW, and if you are confused about how to get wow gold and win PVP with players of other profession, it is necessary for you to read my following suggestions. I think it must be very useful for your World of Warcraft Gold.

When you fight against warrior with weapons and warcraft gold, a single froze is not enough for you to escape from the distance of interception or assault of warrior. So if have only one CD, do not so hurry to use it up, and try to wait another skill CD to use them together so that you can run away and avoid being killed.

If you have frozen a warrior, do not make him if you have not run beyond the distance of interception or assault of warrior. Because a good warrior could release the freezing and intercept you before you make him, and you will have no way to dispel him very soon for your public CD get stuck.

In this current edition, more and more players could avoid traps set by hunter. So if you come across a rival who can go around your traps, do not be stubborn on traps. You could lead him a big round and then go back to your original trap because most players will forget the location of your trap.

The above three suggestions are summarized from my experience and I am sure it is useful in buy wow gold. If you like this game, try to enjoy it and get your wow money.