Team in his teammates how to be a qualified

02/03/2011 09:53


If you have less awareness, or can do the following, you basically had a qualified team-mate:

1. Enhancing operations, pay attention to avoid the monster's attacks, not to indulge in the output, to improve their viability, the longer you live, the less the pressure of his teammates, the faster you die, the possibility of team-mate to the smaller clearance.

2. Because of his bad state of operational errors led to charges of blood or faster, or die quickly, conscious eating of blood, if you want more blood you should spend DFO Gold to buy, and consciously use the resurrection, not to find his teammates to be blood to be resurrected, not dead, leaving his teammates to a single brush the whole map.

3. Found to increase blood elf, do not immediately eat, observe the amount of blood under his teammates, if three teammates full of blood, a person charges on your blood, you eat to increase blood elves greeted by teammates ancestors, do not blame I did not warn you. Found not to increase with the red peach heart blood elf, but can not immediately eat, close combat and long-range team, close combat to eat.

4. Teammates before and after the attack of the monster, the rush to use a wide range of control, or back to back and his teammates battle the monsters after level 40 have a high frequency of attacks, is very dangerous attack.

5. Melee continues to attack, chasing a group of floating monster, the monsters are hit him near the front, to improve output efficiency. Do not attack a person or two is far from strange.