Technology and equipment for training civilians without requiring high

28/12/2010 16:02


I play this game more than a year, talk about some my views of the equipment

First of all I feel is the civilian population if the player 40! No need to buy such good equipment. Do not wear the blue, back to the blood and equipment, because, after all, you have reached graduate level, it is necessary to brush daily chart? G now more, almost every player used the underground city, you said you had to brush full of class diagram make sense?

Purple and equipment too much, we get a little better equipped to wear it! For example; Sage rings, phosphorus rock shoulder, and more!

Heritage, I just take it as a toy weapons look, because you bought the heritage of arms as a little extra money to buy the powder! Of course, the equipment is more expensive than professional!

Pink and equipment, I certainly have not got the capital, or do not want to spend so much money! As one just to invincible, and that to open a G it! Even if you put the best players dungeon number to a fool, what will happen! I want those equipped with very good players to try to change your equipment garbage points lower than you find about 3 people to play next. You will find, I have a dependency on the equipment! Play underground city technology accounted for 80% of the position!

If you have no Dungeon Fighter Online Gold, then buy a set, Yu Ling shoulder, Hutton Marr robes, dead leggings, boots craftsmen carving patterns, seven belts, jewelry and get hold of bamboo bracelets, necklaces Daphne, Song of the Spirit! Just only 800W!