The combat experience in EVE

09/02/2011 14:29


If you fell boring in the daily life, you can buy Eve isk and play this game to relax your life. EVE combat is the heart and soul of the game. Exploration, scientific research, manufacturing is simply to provide ships and munitions of war only. Various grades of frigates to combat readiness

Vessels are formed during the war. Countless wars, and some will be recorded in the war, and most can not be recorded, there are wars on a small scale while others are spectacular.

For you, before the war started, there are many important things to be done.

We can not say all of them, but there are the following.

Any continuing pre-war needs to have the logistics. There are several ways to complete logistical support.

A system when it is realized that much to manufacture arms to prospecting.

With the security forces, then the mine to dig a lot easier, and safer. And you can buy a large number of weapons, ammunition, ships, and let the combatants on-demand collection.

The attack was about to alert the fleet, especially if you command a single large-scale military attack several times your joint formation.

Therefore, even if you need to create a reserve force needed to focus on munitions and PTU module, so you can quickly under different circumstances to re-arm themselves.

Pilots deployed to several base is the need to spend a lot of time, which is a short distance, long distance base. The best approach is quietly storing arms in space, modules, and large-scale security.

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