The Comparison of Famas and AK in Long Run in 2Moons

28/09/2010 13:11


As a Rifler, it is important to know which weapon is better in long run so that he can use 2moons dil to buy suitable weapons. Some players think Famas is good and someone said AK is better. But which is better and suitable to buy with 2Moons Gold? I will have a comparison here.

AK is better because it takes 4 bullets to chest for famas and AK is 3, if you get in a battle with an AK and you're famasing you are sure to be a goner. In the long run AK would be a lot more helpful to learn. Players master AK so that people will call you pro easily. However with m4 and famas, head shooting is a must. Nonetheless, it's still your choice. It is good for your 2moons power leveling.

If you are decent with famas with the burst and headlining you would be able to out rifle an AK'er. Also, if you know how to use the famas to your advantage because of the fire rate and get 2 shots on them with a peak it’s a fair battle with 3 bullets to the chest. You could buy 2Moons Dil to get other weapons and medicines.

Famas is only good in long run for public games, but majority of people will say M4a1 is better than the Famas because of 5 more bullets and much less recoil. The only difference between the two is firing rate, which shouldn’t matter if you're headlining, plus it's still pretty fast.

No matter you choose Famas or AK, I think fittest is the best. If your equipment suits you well, it is good equipment. You could buy 2moons gold and go to store to choose your favorite weapons.