The Experience in EVE Combat

23/03/2011 14:35


1, re-read the pre-war preparations on the part of the coordination of content. If those who did not complete the coordination of preparation, you will find how encounter serious problems. All have to shoot the same target, then it is much simpler.

2, no experience of the speculation is very dangerous. You may already have in mind with ships and fighting on the development of ideas about the situation, but without experience, can not predict whether it will work, then you are in a real battle in the formation of a death will make the top of the disaster.

3, we usually equip a fleet to compliment, not that you can close artillery fire while the others are distant. At the same time, in the formation of larger-scale battle, if stay is seal at the Raven or the Scorpion years, it would be a waste of time. You can play the role of the team, if you are shelling, but if most people are against you, you may not be carrying any effect. However, you may be interference with 2-3 vessels and destroy their targets enemy ships.

4, a large part in the fighting tactics used showed their run, get combat advantage until the last. Please concentrate on ships and small aircraft using EVE Isk, so you will not be interference because the fight is advantage, it can be jamming attacks concentrated in the hands of their main body. if you need more, many people sell eve isk everywhere.