The experience of bowman

28/12/2010 16:01


The career of bowman is most suggestible, since the dekaron Gold players get at the beginning is relatively few, and bow and arrow is relatively cheap, only consume arrows, not consuming any blue or red as other career did. The master though do have distant attach ability but his physical power is too bad. You have to play carefully when enrolled in a close fight, in case be attached to death directly. So at the beginning the exorcism is better, both distant and close attach ability, which are plague and knife skill respectively. Normally, a single small monster can be easily killed by him without any red or blue consumption.

Warrior at the beginning, his normal attach is relatively high, although no strength is added, but still a little less than the bowman. So the warrior is best know for his high defense, acting as a blood cowl. Other natural need to can be added points by equipments.

The masters career is ordinary, nothing special to say. High magic harm, you can directly beat high levels monsters. The speed of upgraded is very quick, simply like take elevators. Here I want to say something about how to practice, attach series: single fire master, who can also beat high levels monsters with the help of other career. But for some occasion with too many monsters, be careful not be surrounded by monsters. Ice series, whose feature is controlling skills, can freeze the monsters get some strategic aims. For the electric series, he can attach a group monster by a single attach.