The fire master to practice the level

23/11/2010 13:33


First of all the scholars, I do not say much to the full-time! Novice, then playing the Polly! Making Ro Zeny to play the apple( save some Iro zeny to buy apple).

 After the turn! First +5 rocket! Direct fight locusts! If your level is not high enough, you must need practice more and more. About 20 is enough! Reaches around 20 + points Heart cicada! + To 5-7! Then + rocket to 10!

1 mind blast!Go to the Polly Island to play Popoli! Rockets play ball! Soil to fight the mind waves and Polly! Ice to even think about it! I've played that does not cost very abolition of blood to play SP! In just level 20 to play a ball, you will get 4-7 experience quickly. Then until level 30, you can turn. DEX high chant the words to Fei Yang fast play! Slow, then play some of the passive! If IV! V is also good! Bear Feet INT high to play! I do not recommend to the ant hole.

Archer hard all strong! But also the siege of you! A lot of trouble! And if the words of IV with a swordfish! Blood is not high, then go not! But still too slow! Fei Yang is better to go to! Earthworms are also ok! Do not try to beat the pyramid! Geffen has not even think of red flies! Because I did not take any high level mage! Therefore, only write here!