The introduction of lost saga

09/11/2010 15:58


Lostsaga is a fight-action game that involves numbers of mercenaries with different skills, where they fight and defend in a map to choose the winner. Controls are very simple, but the way users combine and use this determines the matter of win and loss, so in order to win, skillful planning is required. Lostsaga is a strategic game in a sense, because whether users can fully use the combo abilities of different mercenaries & lostsaga gold or not is a very important winning/losing factor, and timing must also be considered in order to maximize the effect of strikes.

Needless to say, Lostsaga features mini homepage, a free space for every individual user, and users can leave notes or decorate their avatars. Messenger function is supported inside the game, which allows users to chat one-on-one or with many people, and send messages to each other. It also can tell the online status and location of users added on the list, and follow-up feature is included, which lets users to play with their friends and you buy lostsaga gold can also . Voice-chat function is available when headset is connected, so users can talk to other users while playing. In Lostsaga, 8:8 Grand Scuffle mode and 8:1 boss raid mode exists. Also, various unique and cheerful prize-awarding ceremonies, such as Savior, Trickster, Extravaganza, Weakling, and Sim-Cheong, are done after matches.

Lostsaga is planning to continuously deliver its unique interests to the gamers. Among all the plans, the update of mercenaries, which the development team highly focuses on, includes charismatic fighter, fearful Chinese zombie Jiang-Shi, and Japanese Samurai. Mercenaries will be upgraded and become more powerful as the updates are done.