The Introduction of Squirrel

31/03/2011 14:04


The squirrel is a pretty small animals, docile, cute, very likable.

They are delicate and pretty face, eyes glistening, supple body, limbs light, very quick, very alert. Exquisite little face, lined with a beautiful cap tassel-shaped tail, it is particularly beautiful; tail always stuck up, Alice had been to the head, body to hide under the tail to have a rest. They often ruffled the body sitting, as they hand the same, with front paws to his mouth to eat. Can be said that the squirrel was most unlike quadruped.

Squirrel do not hide in the underground, often on high activity, like birds like live in trees and full of woods run, from this tree jump to the tree. They nest in trees, picking fruit, drink dew, only the trees by the wind too much, just to come up. In the fields, in pain area, is can’t find the squirrel.They never close to man’s house, also do not stay in the bushes, just like a big woods, live in the tall tree. In QingMing summer night, can hear squirrels in a tree hopped cried, chasing each other voice.They seemed very afraid of strong sunlight, the daytime hiding in the nest, out at night.Although they also note, but not catch the mammal, and not meat animals, eat the almonds, hazeinuts, beech and oak chestnut.

The squirrel usually one foetus makes three or four. Their hair is beige, after a winter change hair, new hair shed hair darker than some.They can use their claws and teeth comb his hair, make body naked, clean, no bad smell. The squirrel is also a useful small animals. Their meat to eat, can make a hair brush, skin can be made of leather.

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