The Most Important Things in Crafting in FFXIV

05/10/2010 14:31


FFXIV GIL can be obtained through crafting. This is a common knowledge we can know. But in this new game FFXIV, what elements are the most important things in crafting? Players could Buy FFXIV Gil to get items created through crafting and also need to know the answer.

One is color. Color determines your chance of success and also how much quality you can pull out of an action. So white has the highest chance of success, but the lowest amount of quality to be gained. While red has the lowest chance of success, but the highest chance of extra quality being gained. Yellow is somewhere in between, and random colors appear to be random among all three standard colors. Shooting sparks appear to influence the amount of durability you’ll lose when you fail an action, and I don’t believe I’ve ever been able to make an item stop shooting sparks by waiting.

In addition, there are five elements players need to pay attention: Tool Used, Crafting Gear, Type of Support, Elemental Stats and My level relative to recipe level. I find the tool used to be most important thing, and whether that is just inherently from most of the stat increases or not, I don’t know because I don’t have enough crafting gear to offset the stat gains.

Different players have different answers to this question. But I know, if you can put your heart in crafting, you must be successful in crafting and make more cheap ffxiv gil.