The Start and ungraded road of wizard

28/12/2010 16:01


Let us make it simple:

5 at the beginning of Zen, practice is a pre-requisite, otherwise the time you sit on the floor will be longer than the time you beating monsters.

4 the racket practice is a necessary, you will use to fire the snakes and mud men and SD.

5 I do not suggest jump the point of fire ball.

10 The fire wall is really a good thing, which is a necessity to save your life as well as practice your skills. The direct fire practice is quite efficient and also save your SP.

1 The fire hunt PK patent

5 The ice arrow is a nice weapon to attach presbyter of tree monster, as well as to get out of ice wall.

10 It is sad that the hit rate of freezing is goes down, but still useful.

4 I do not suggest jump the point of heart explosion.

9 The holy is good to save life and sweep away small monsters, but the power is relatively small.

7 The iced wall has big request for skills, which can be used to protect yourself and barricade some small monsters, and it is a good treasure just like the fire wall.

10 The storm dragger, good weapon to sweep away monsters, powerful, especially against wind monsters.

5 Earthquake needs to be full studied, has a good performance towards wind monsters.

In a word, I have total 94 points, Job 46, and I depend on myself the most time, some times still buy some Ragnarok zeny.