The Sunshine in My Heart, Do You Have Enough FW Gold

04/05/2011 14:28


"Once people have obstacles, you have a place bathed in sunlight, you often will feel dark; and your heart filled with sunshine, is the dark can be seen in hope."

People love flowers in the spring, we expect the joy of spring is everywhere in life, smooth sailing. As everyone knows, the world learning the four seasons, but less so people warm.

"Yan-Qing Fang Lian Shuiguang good, the rain kept empty mountains are odd." "Sunset of the endless grass, Romantic air from the tragedy." Happiness and joy of the people, wrapped in tears with a song, tough to find happiness and hope; unfortunate and worries of people with tears to exiled years wrapped in sorrow songs.

Grief of the people, Chi Wang Epiphyllum and sigh; life is short, fleeting; optimistic people, sniffing plum and crooning: Winter comes, can spring be far behind?

In the long road of life, even thorny, frustration lag before, it should be fearless against it, and not easily give up. "May tomorrow see the clouds are cleared," the world's most magnificent scenery is also latent in desperate after not it? Overcome it, the light of life will be sublimated.

Their escape blindly, not as comfortable with. I still truly believe in: God disposes, man proposes. Only unremitting efforts, will have a brilliant life.

Perhaps the long night, the darkness swallowed the light, wind and rain back to make the face of youth, but the indelible gathered in the lodge with the heart of the sun light.

Please stay in the heart of the Holy Land sunny side!

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