The Taste of Winter and Make the berkanix gold as More as Possible

20/05/2011 13:59


Winter weather is cold, I think not many people almost like winter. However, in my mind, winter is full of color, is warm.

Wind whistling, leaves on the trees have been falling away, leaving only bare trunks. Sometimes, the sky is not the float a few slices of flying snow, we almost hothouse flowers, enjoying the quiet and happiness. However, in the back of our happy, but it is the hard work left behind by parents.

Dances in the sky with feather-like snow, I walked alone to school on the road. Snowy, slippery. Soon, see in front of a lot of kids, they go to school by their parents to escort their own children for fear of slipping, for fear that their children alone in the wind. Envious heart could not help them.

Cold and windy, cold ah. Am out the door, I think not cold, my mother let me wear clothes I do not wear them. I walked, I heard a familiar voice, ah, the original is the mother! He brought me clothes; brought me warm. Leighton time, the wind will not roar, but also a smile snow floating down, the trunk was cold in the wind, just like one warrior.

In each winter, I feel no cold, because there is love there. Gradually, I love the winter. Not only looking forward to spring every year, but looking forward to the coming of winter. Grew up in the constant, I also learned to give love to others. Love is mutual. In my mind, winter is the taste of sweetness.

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