The Trust Between Us and Go to Buy Some lostsaga gold for Your Level up

16/05/2011 12:39


Short and the bay window sitting, holding a cup of strong coffee, I looked out the window blind that the falling leaves, I think of you standing on the grass yellow, turning his face to meet the written endless, long long hair wafting wind. happy, occupied our hearts.

Now, where are you? If, like me, think of happy days with us? In the distance you, do you remember me in this place? And our memories together, do not you all do not mind it? You said that I would come to my

Also remember that in winter? We sat in snow, you told me, the trust between us like a hot coffee in our hands, although it will cool, but, heat it will boil! Although hard, but no sweet without bitter it! Having a smile to me you.

After that day we are no longer met, and you just wrote me a few letters only, until the flowers grow very high, you heard the letter, you said you leave, you leave me. However, the trust between us has always exist.

I received a letter, I ran to your house, but you have been on the train, I chase, shouting, until I can not see the car, form of my crying, slowly, like a helpless child back to the beginning of our acquaintance place.

Great big tall willow sinking, and I sat there powerless, that we frequented the grass, where I saw a letter, you left my last letter.

My collection until now. Because the trust between us, tell me you'll be back.

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