The Warrior guide in DFO

23/11/2010 13:33



Shorty, even in an Impale spec you can still get Imp Revenge, like we have, and we would not go without Imp Rev. Rev is too important an ability in WotLK. As far as we know, Imp Rev damage increase works for all aspects of the attack too. Romulos, our decisions not to get Conc Blow is mainly a personal one. We found that we never had time to press the button while still using all the other cd's we have and keeping 5 Devastate stacks on, and we do not PvP much.

 For an all-purpose build, we would say take Conc Blow. It is real handy in PvP, soloing, normal and Heroic instances and even in raids, if you use it. Holmedog, Impale has nothing to do with slow or fast weapons, you need the DFO Gold, Impale has to do with crits, both ability and weapon crits. Slow weapons that crit with Impale will not do more dmg then fast weapons critting, on average.

We think you might be confusing Impale with Rend or Deep Wounds, which indeed depend on weapon dmg and are therefore not good for tanking. Devastate's threat does go up a bit with a slow weapon(Dungeon Fighter Online Gold), but not enough to make up for the loss of HS spamming, even if you used Rend and Deep Wounds too. Again, that math has been done elsewhere on either these forums or Elitist Jerks, and we are just repeating the results. Thanks for your reading. If you have no time to level up your charcter, we provide the DFO powerleveling with a lower price, please place an order right now.